To the team at Reliant Financial:

You folks are a first-class group! Grade “A” pure gold.

I feel grateful to have had the distinct opportunity to work with you.  I have learned a lot from you, and I am thankful for the time you have taken to help me.  As mentioned before, you still have first right of refusal on all our projects.  You have earned our solid recommendation/s to everyone we encounter and our referral/s for your outstanding professionalism and dedicated timeliness.  Your word is exactly what you say- and that is very refreshing since so many today are so very good at lip service.


Monty W.

I wanted to let you know that I just closed a note sale to David Krunic (based upon your referral) and everything went super smooth.  Danette was especially responsive and handled the paper work in an amazing manner.  I was extremely pleased with their professionalism (as if you didn’t know).


Fred H.

Thanks again for all of the great information you game me during our conversation and from the articles on your website.  Have a great day!



Thank you so much for the Pride and Presentation article, 2011 Investor Wish List and of course the Credit Authorization.  I was just getting ready to email you.  I spoke to the Spring Texas Lady and she is excited and wants to go over this with her husband this weekend.  Thank you so much! Also I only got to leave a voice message at my other deals. But, I am excited thanks to our conversation this A.M.  I have gleaned so much from you and am already working it and have put my files in my briefcase already so I can take a call anywhere.

Thanks again,

Dee W.


Thanks for taking the time this morning.  You have advanced my career in the Note Business! I am waiting for a recall from the Florida Note Holder to obtain the additional information.  Then I will return your call.



Thank you once again for being such an important part of the Note Symposium.  You were instrumental in making it the most favorable reviewed event we have ever hosted!

The surveys are 100% positive – – not a single complaint about the Symposium – –  and full of over-the-top comments like “best seminar I’ve ever attended,”  “every speaker was an expert in their topic,” “this changed my life,”  and many who wrote that they really appreciated the no sales policy.  I’m thinking of putting the actual papers online so people can read them for themselves; the comments are so enthusiastic I’m afraid people will think I am making them up.  We’ve NEVER had 100% positive reviews in the over 100 seminars we’ve put on. And you’re a big part of that reason!

Keep in touch…

Bill & Alison