If An Investor Working With Brokers Had A Wish List For 2013 And Beyond…

Here is what many professional note investors wish brokers would do (and NOT do)  

  •  In your e-mail subject line, include the city and state where the collateral is located, the property type and lien position.  This makes it easier for your investor to reference in the sent box if a deal comes alive weeks or months later.  This doesn’t have to be long; for example:        Moline, IL/SFH/1st
  • Include signature blocks on all of your e-mail correspondence with at least your full name and a working daytime contact phone number.
  • When leaving messages, repeat your return phone number two times  (it’s frustrating when only 7 or 8 digits come through!).
  • When leaving voice mail, don’t rush through your phone number.  Take it S-L-O-W-L-Y so your investor or note seller doesn’t have to replay it.
  • On voice mail, start with your name, phone number and e-mail address.  Then say what you’re calling about.  Then REPEAT your name, phone number and e-mail address.  That way, in case your investor or seller didn’t catch it the first time, they won’t have to replay your whole message.
  • When leaving a message, include both your land line and cell phone number.
  • If you put a deal out for quote please remain available by phone/e-mail for follow up/clarification.  A little pitch and catch often makes for more aggressive offers.
  • Be considerate and acknowledge received offers promptly from your investors and note sellers, and follow up with feedback.
  • Your outgoing voice mail or answering machine message is another chance to “ooze” professionalism (vs. the computer voice repeating your number) for both your note sellers and your investors.
  • And finally — texting. I believe it has no place in a professional/fiduciary relationship.  Please ask your investors/note sellers if texting is acceptable.

The investor is the true customer in the note sale arena.  Successful brokers realize this and respect the opportunity to make their deals stand out from the crowd by their professionalism.  This is simply good business sense.

The good habits outlined above will surely get your deal prioritized and earn you a quick response. Trust me on this one!

            Dave Krunic is president of Reliant Financial, one of the most active national note investment firms.  Reliant buys for its own account, so you are dealing with the end-investor.

            Contact him at 800-483-3544, fax 713-334-2943, e-mail dkrunic@reliantfinancial.com website www.reliantfinancial.com


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