Get immediate cash for your note, mortgage or deed of trust!

If you need hard cash now, we will buy your note – in total, or just the part you want to sell.

Deal directly with the Decision-Maker – Principal-to-Principal!

We are not a note broker. We are note buyers with our own in-house funding. When you call Reliant, you will be speaking and dealing directly with a Principal of our Company – the final Decision-Maker for your sale. This eliminates potential delays and allows us to put cash in your hands quicker.

Receive a free, no-hassle, no-risk Offer to Purchase your note within 24-hours!

Reliant uses its own capital to purchase each note and has millions available instantly. This ready capital, combined with direct dealings with the final decision-maker, allows us to offer extremely fast responses to your inquiry. After you complete our Offer Request Form or submit a note via phone or fax, we will respond with a written offer to purchase within 24-hours.

We buy notes that others won’t touch!

When others say “No,” call Reliant. We buy hard-to-place notes such as gas stations, land, second mortgages, and notes with poor credit and payment history problems.

There are no hidden fees or closing costs to you!

Reliant pays virtually all of the closing costs associated with the transaction, and does not charge any “application or transaction fees.”

Creatively and aggressively finding ways to make it happen!

Reliant’s enviable reputation stems from our ability to find the means to purchase your note…regardless of how “difficult” it may be. The Principals at Reliant are experts in creative financial problem solving. Finding the means to purchase challenging notes is what pays our salary, and we enjoy our reputation as being some of the most creative minds in this business. Of course we buy “easy” notes too, but our strength is finding a way to close on notes that others won’t or can’t touch.

Sell now, before your payments stop!

The best time to sell your note is before you have payment problems with your purchaser. You can get hard cash for your note today and eliminate the worry and hassle of collecting monthly payments or the potential risk of foreclosure tomorrow.